Here at The Foundry, Home of CrossFit Ossining, we know that starting any new fitness program can be intimidating, and that CrossFit can be seem more difficult than many other fitness programs.  For that reason, we have structured an introductory package and Foundation program that will help you learn the basic movements and terminology of CrossFit and begin to see and feel results while simultaneously learning what makes the Foundry community such a special place. 

The introductory package provides for 6 weeks of unlimited classes for one payment of $97. If you are new to CrossFit, even if you have been participating in a different fitness program, we require that you attend 4 Foundation classes during your first 2 weeks as a member.  This requirement will help you to understand what CrossFit is all about, learn the foundational movements and get a taste of shorter duration but high intensity workouts in a setting that is less intimidating that a full class.  

Once you complete these 4 classes you will have a base that will allow you to join the regular classes, where we pride ourselves on our ability to integrate athletes of all skill levels into each class.  Modifications to movements and weight allow all our athletes to work out together and realize the same relative intensity.  As a result, we have seen a great deal of mutual respect and community be built among our members.

You are just one step away from getting started on an exciting new life and fitness journey.  Check out our schedule and sign up for your free intro class.  We are confident that 6 weeks from now you will have a whole new outlook on what you are capable of.

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