Foundry KidsFit

Believe it or not, kids love to run, jump, climb and carry.  Our KidsFit program is a fun, interesting and energetic way to get your little one the exercise they need.  With movements that are always age appropriate, and a little competitive fun thrown in for good measure, Foundry Kids will not only stay healthy now, but will be prepared for any sport they may want to take up later.  For children already participating in other sports, you will find that Foundry KidsFit will help your child reach new milestones and recognize all around improvement (although we recommend sticking with the Sport of Fitness!!)

Our instructors are certified in Kids Fitness to ensure that all movements are scaled for each little athlete's ability.  The classes are kept to age appropriate groups and will foster teamwork and respect for others.  Make this a regular part of your kid's schedule and take pride in watching them grow up strong and healthy.