At The Foundry we understand that true health and fitness begins with a healthy diet.  Changing from an unhealthy diet to a smart, clean, healthy diet is no small challenge.  Through nutrition coaching plan we can give you the tools you need to make this change.  We will focus on understanding what appropriate servings sizes are and what should be on your plate for each meal.  You will gain insight into which foods are healthy and which should be avoided.  We will discuss your own goals and lifestyle and use that information, along with the information from a biometric scan, to create a customized meal plan for you to follow.  Importantly, we will help provide that most powerful of motivators - accountability.

Consider choosing from either the basic "Pull-Up" nutrition plan, or the 1 on 1 coaching "Muscle-Up."  Once you have completed a month with these plans, we provide the ongoing maintenance and coaching needed to ensure that the first steps you just took are not in vain, but rather are the beginning of a journey that lasts a long and healthy life.

Not interested in coaching?  Every membership at The Foundry gets the benefits of being part of a members-only Nutrition Group on Facebook and weekly tips and strategies to help broaden your knowledge base regarding eating for a healthy lifestyle.

Check out the plans below and the bios of our terrific and experienced coaches.  To get started simply click on the "Sign Up" button to be directed to a schedule of available appointments.

Nutrition Plans

  • The Muscle Up
  • $350
  • 60 Minute Initial Consult
  • Before and After Biometrics
  • Customized Plan
  • Goal Setting & Tips
  • Client Handbook
  • Free Food Scale
  • Email Support
  • Weekly Sessions with Coach (15 mins)
  • Weekly Food Log Reviews
  • Graduate to Ongoing Coaching (25% 1st Month Discount)
  • Sign Up
  • The Pull Up
  • $250
  • 60 Minute Initial Consult
  • Before and After Biometrics
  • Customized Plan
  • Goal Setting & Tips
  • Client Handbook
  • Graduate to Ongoing Coaching
  • Sign Up
  • Ongoing Coaching
  • $99 / Month
  • Monthly 30 Minute Accountability Session
  • Goal Review & Updates
  • 2x Monthly Food Log Review


Lisa grew up in Toronto, Canada, playing various sports and competing – from figure skating to synchronized swimming, and basketball and volleyball in high school.  A “gym-rat” her whole adult life, she struggled to see results after having two kids and recovering from surgery for a torn meniscus.  She tried her first crossfit class in April 2011 and was instantly hooked. The strong sense of community mixed with the spirit of competition made exercise fun again. And the results were amazing.  “When I shifted my focus from trying to lose weight to wanting to become stronger, is when my body finally changed for the better.”  She naturally began to inspire those around her, and through the principles of crossfit -- constantly varied functional movement -- she discovered the key to lifelong health.  As part of this journey Lisa realized the importance of eating in a healthy and sustainable manner, both for results in the gym and for her overall health.

Of all she has done, helping others reach their goals, and improve their fitness, has been her most rewarding endeavor.  
CrossFit Level 1 Certification 2012
CrossFit Kids Certification 2013
Attitude Nation Level 1 Certification 2013
NASM Personal Trainer Certification 2016
USAW Sports Performance Coach 2017
Precision Nutrition (PN1) Certified Coach 2017

Jen Zelop

Jen Zelop has been in the field of health and wellness for 25 plus years. As a multiple gym owner, nutrition and mindset coach, public speaker and bodybuilding and figure competitor, Jen has the experience to offer a practical approach to reaching your health and wellness goals.