Partner, Assistant Trainer, Beast

Since I can remember, I was always involved in competitive sports and being active. Growing up, I played baseball, football and wrestled and I continue to try and be involved in as many outdoor activities as I can. I am the kind of person who can’t sit still and loves to be physically and mentally challenged.
I found CrossFit in 2012 and never looked back. My first workout was brutal but I was intrigued by the varied movements and intense nature of the workouts. As I was laying on the floor gasping for air, all I can think about was how out of shape I was and how I wanted more. CrossFit became a huge challenge for me because I had zero cardio and never touched a barbell (besides bench). So I set my own goals and gave it shot. Since starting CrossFit, I have achieved many personal goals; fitness competitions, GoRuck challenges and heavy lifts.
Being a part of CrossFit Ossining is not only a place to go workout but it is my second family. I couldn’t imagine myself being anywhere else. I am amazed to see our members come in day after day and challenge themselves and reach new goals and chase new achievements.